Sunday, February 27, 2011

Okay. Assalamualaikum. Here we are. I am tired with those fights. I think you should know that, yes i am from a poor family. And i admit it? So ? did i gave any problem with your life? No right? So please be silents and not to talked about others. Nobody's perfect girl. So yeah, try not to talked about others okay? You tell here and there. What's your point? You're fight with everyone. So i d k. After this im not gonna closed with you anymore. Its hurt. And yeah keep talking about me okay? :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

I dont know. Im hurt over and over, he said everything i can do but he cant. Am i treat you like shit? AM i? Everything i do i tell him no matter what. but he didnt. everything he is true. Who am i to you? I know nothings. I just clap in one hand right. i know. Still hurt me. Dear God, Please listen what im saying and give me back my happy life. I cant stand with it anymore. It so damn hurt. I cant imagine what going on next. Seriously its hurt. I know im not perfect. i am childish. yes i am! am i not changed for good? Am i? He treat me like shit but i always love him. If he want me he come back. if dont he just let me live my life alone, its fair? YA ALLAH :'(

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's been a while after a long time i didnt update my blog. Anyway, hello peeps. My life is not perfect like yours. So yeah if you feel like annoying with my story please backoff because i will share the same story :) Oh jyeah anyways, i just wondered why suddenly he changed after we break off? So yeah the answer is already in my hand! Even youre not together with her but it's the same because you have someone who can accompany you all day long. Even you said, you're annoying with her but you still treat her nicely right ? Ah wtv. Im so tired with all this fucking shit. Maybe you didnt realise my patient towards u. But yeah, if you think this is the end of our relationship its okay then i will backoff. I will start a new relationship with a guy who can accompany me, and not treat me like a stupid person! So yeah which one is better for you i will follow. Sometimes ure okay but almost u're not! You find me after u're bored with all girls and when u're lonely. What for -.- You hurt me so much okay! I cant stand with all this fucking shit!!!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy new year guys. Last night was really awesome k (Y) I had so much fun :') And KNOW WHAT for the first time i pergi depan stage. OMG ! haha biasa ah budak 1st kecoh sikit :D BEST GILA BABS K. Dance like crazyyyyyy. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

There's always person that we could never HATE no matter how hard we try. Cause their name was already there , in our heart (:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Haaaaaa so? I'm not intrested to celebrate :) Okay you have promise to me that you want to celebrate with me and spend time with. Okay we'll see. You kata kalau tak kotakan satu janji berdosa kan. Okay now kita tgk k :) If you nak celebrate dgn kawan you pergila. Have fun k :)


Okay 8 days more i'm going back to bangi. I'm afraid to faced this kind of shit. And my study mood already away k. IDK ): Please, can i stop studying? Lots of things i have to pay. I'm not from rich family. so it's a tough things. Haih.